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South Wales Beginners Photography Training 

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Jargon-free camera training for the complete beginner

I’m Sarah and I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years.


I have a passion for photography and for well over a decade, I have been teaching beginner’s how to take control of their cameras.


For me it’s about teaching in a way that people understand, without the jargon and technical mumbo jumbo.


I’ve taught thousands of people in a way they understand.


It just works!

No experience? 

No problem!


You’ve read books. You’ve trawled You Tube but are you finding that most photography tutorials are full of techie jargon?


Manuals are usually no help either – I usually all asleep on page 2 and I’ve been a photographer for about 25 years!


You’re not alone.

In these courses I aim to explain to you, in simple and jargon free terms, how you can take control of your camera.


I want you to get it off automatic and start having the confidence to take control. Cameras are wonderful tools and are capable of so much more than you think and it’s not hard if you go back to basics.

I aim for these courses to be fun, relaxed and practical. You’ll get plenty of chance to practice your skills and to ask lots of questions.

Learn how to shoot in manual mode
in just a few hours

I will teach you all the fundamentals of how your camera works. It will give you the skills and confidence you need to really understand the camera settings that have left you baffled and confused in the past.

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What You Will Learn

all this and much, much more ...

The Camera

Feel the fear and do it anyway! We’ll get to know your camera and look at how it works from the inside out.


Tired of your images not looking how you expected? Too light or too dark? I’ll show you how to control and manage the way your camera a records light.

Shutter Speed

Tired of capturing blurred shots of your kids on the move? I’ll show you how you can capture action in your photography.


How to use your camera settings to ensure you get sharp images every time.


Love that dreamy look when the background is blurry but the subject crisp and sharp? Wonder why one subject is crisp and the other out of focus? I’ll show you why and how you can get creative.

Finding the Light

We’ll head out and practice some of your new found skills and I will teach you about finding the best light for your images.

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Is this the right course for me?

You do not need any experience to attend this training, it is designed for the total beginner.


To make the most of this course you should own a digital SLR camera or a mirrorless camera.


A DSLR or mirrorless camera will allow you to swap lenses and manually control your settings. Although the course is designed with these types of camera in mind you can still benefit from the course if you have a bridge camera for example.

If you are not sure if you have the right type of camera for this course then please contact me for a chat or give me a call on 07852 255766.

The courses will take place in South or North Wales. Home visits can also be arranged if you would prefer.

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"Sarah went through the basics and made very thing make sense!
If you are thinking about doing it…
Do it! You won’t regret it."

Emily, Cwmbran

Choose Your Training


1:1 In Person Training

If you are local to South Wales, why not join me for training in person?

You don't need any experience or prior knowledge for these sessions.


We will typically spend about 2-3 hours learning how to really understand how your camera works and help you build the confidence to start creating images you love.

Group Training Classes

If you are local to South Wales, why not join me for one of my group classes?

You don't need any experience or prior knowledge for these sessions.


Group classes (up to 8 people) take place in Bridgend on Sunday afternoons throughout the year. Sessions last from 3-4 hours and light refreshments will be provided.

Online Training

Perhaps you are not local to South Wales or prefer to learn at your own pace.


Don't worry, I've got you.

With 61 lessons, lots of video tutorials, downloadable guides and 1:1 email support, my popular online training platform will teach you how to take control of your



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TEL: 07852 255766


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At Sarah J. Evans Photography, I create emotive and authentic family photography with just a hint little of magic. Based in Cowbridge in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan, I photograph families throughout South Wales including Cardiff, Swansea, Penarth, Cowbridge & Bridgend. I also photograph throughout the rest of the UK and also internationally.

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