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Every family is different. It’s my mentality that if you want to capture your family in a portrait then why not show them as they really are, how you want to remember them. From your daughters crazy hair to your son’s often moody expressions. Your loves. Your passions. Your mad and crazy life. It’s more than just a likeness and it can’t be captured by sitting on a white backdrop and smiling sweetly for the camera (IMHO). It’s they way you look at each other and know what each other is thinking. It’s a bond that is unique.

I selected this family for my recent casting call for my workshop for professional photographers. I had lots of applications but what drew me to this family particularly was the image they sent through. I’m sure mum won’t mind me sharing this …

casting pictureCrazy huh? You can’t even see their faces really but they looked like a crazy bunch and that suited me just fine. This picture inspired me to think about themes and festivals sprung to mind. Sure enough after our initial chat I (gleefully) discovered that festival goers they were, serial fesitival goers at that. BINGO!

Theme sorted and I was excited.

I can’t stress how much of a joy this family were to photograph. We let them go crazy in the field. Dad and son played guitar and ukulele whilst the girls felt the wind in their hair as they danced and picked wild flowers.

They had crazy hair. They often pulled funny faces. They were wild and carefree. Beautiful and a little bit crazy but that’s what families are all about isn’t it?

Diolch yn fawr iawn i ti am fod yn ti. xx

Wales On Location Child Photographer 4

Wales On Location Child Photographer 3

Wales On Location Child Photographer 2

Wales On Location Child Photographer 1

Wales On Location Child Photographer 5

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Wales On Location Child Photographer 7

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