Would you like to earn money off of your next photo session with Sarah J. Evans Photography?

Or how about a nice John Lewis voucher to spend on something lovely for yourself or the children?

Over the last 11 years I have built my business mainly on referrals. I don’t tend to advertise but I have thrived on my loyal customers spreading the word. This is something I am hugely proud of. It means that my customers are thrilled with my work and happy to recommend me to their friends. It really means so much to me.

I’ve tried a number of schemes over the years to design a way to thank my loyal customers for their referrals – some have been more successful than others but I have finally come up with (I hope) an easy and structured way to ensure you are being thanked.

This is important to me.


Well, it’s pretty easy really (I hope).

Each time that you refer a friend to Sarah J. Evans Photography and that person subsequently books and has a session with me you can choose to either earn credit towards your next session with me or a voucher for John Lewis.

You can build up your credit over a period of time and in you opt for John Lewis vouchers these will be sent to you as soon as your friend secures their booking.

There is no maximum limit to the credit you can earn as long as you use your credit within 2 years of the date of the redemption of the first referral voucher. So in theory you have the potential to earn yourself a nice little pocket of money to treat yourself to some beautiful display products at your next session.

The amount you earn depends o the type of session your referral books. Let me explain…

So everyone is a winner!

Whether you choose credit or vouchers is totally up to you.

The most important thing is that your referral mentions your name upon booking. I can not backdate referrals so it’s really important they tell me they have been referred before I start the ball rolling!


• If you are sharing on Facebook try to post first thing in the morning or in the evening as more people tend to see posts at this time.

• Why not tag specific friends who you think would be really interested.

• If you’d rather not post on your page directly why not send the information via a private message? If you’d like to do this then just copy and paste this link:

• You could also send the above link by SMS if you’d prefer.

• Be sure to personalise either your Facebook post or email. I have added a template text on the email but feel free to change it so it sounds more ‘like you’.

• Don’t spam your friends. There’s nothing worse than that! Maybe think about doing one post and then leaving it a few weeks before posting again with a gentle reminder.

• Keep an eye on my Facebook Business Page and share any posts or images you think might be of interest to your friend group. You can always add the above link to your post too.



I really hope that you love the idea of this scheme and that you are able to benefit from the rewards I have put in place to thank you for all of your kind referrals.

really appreciate your help in supporting my small business and introducing me to people who, like you who will appreciate what I pour my passion in to every day.

If you have any questions about the scheme then just let me know. You can get hold of me on either 07852 255766 or drop me an email to

Thank you so much. xx


Only previous customers of Sarah J. Evans Photography are eligible to take part in this referral scheme.

Only friends and family (“Referrals”) who have not been previously referred by yourself or referred by another third party and/or have previously been a customer of Sarah J. Evans Photography qualify to use the discount credit provided in your Invitation. 

Referrals must book a standard session for referral credit to be valid. Cancellation of the session results in the credit becoming void. 

The £50 referral voucher is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue and can be used only once. The referral voucher cannot be combined with other offers and is valid against full sessions only, excluding mini or other discounted sessions. Credit voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. 

You (“Referee”) will earn £50 advocate credit for each new customer you refer who subsequently books and undertakes a standard session within the 12 month validity of the voucher. Your advocate credit for referring friends can be combined in the event of multiple referrals but must be used within 24 months from the date of the initial referral voucher issue. Your advocate credit may not be used against mini sessions, discounted sessions or in conjunction with any other offer.

This scheme is valid from 17th March 2018 and may not be back dated.

This promotional referral voucher is issued by Sarah J. Evans Photography, who reserves the right to change or terminate this program, redemptions and referral discounts at any time.

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