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Natural Child and Family Photography South Wales

You’re a creative, you wrap your arms around life and grasp it tightly. You day-dream of everyday adventures in patchwork yellow-green fields; lying in the grass until it leaves an imprint on the skin, a memory map of family days to be savoured.

And you live for your family. You want your children to enjoy a precious, wild life, filled with dreams of possibilities to come. When they hang from the branches of a tree, delicately gift you priceless sea-shells recently plundered, or dip small toes into the summer cold rock-pool water; you find your treasure in belly-deep laughs, and smiles that show in the eyes.

You appreciate the value of recording your unique story, documenting elusive moments between moments. Ordinary is simply not good enough; you demand beautiful imagery for your children and your children’s children to come.

Your Unique Story

Let me capture your unique story. The emotions. The fun. The laughter. The love.

My photography style is not simply about capturing a likeness but a feeling deep inside that moves your soul.

Images captured through play and movement rather than uncomfortable traditional posing and false smiles.




Kind Words



“I can not recommend Sarah highly enough.

We were lucky enough to do a family shoot with her and it was such an amazing experience. My husband in particular hates having his photo taken but Sarah made him and the rest of us so at ease! No posing just lots of laughs and smiles & it shows in every picture.

The images are so precious to me and I genuinely cried when I saw them. We have thousands of photos of the 3 children but very few of all 5 of us so these really do mean the world.

Thank you lovely lady.”

Leona, Swansea

Those moments between moments


I’m drawn to beautiful light and authentic, heartfelt connections between those I have the privilege to photograph. I want you to remember this time. You deserve to remember all the moments that truly matter. The feeling of the wind in your hair & the laughter of your children as you hug and tickle them as if nothing else matters in the world.

Since 2007 it has been my job to seek the magic in your everyday and record it forever in beautiful photographs. Images that truly show the unique love and connection that is your family.


Meanwhile, down on Dartmoor…

Annie is a photographer. A very good one and a very nice all round person too. She attended one of my workshops about 18 months ago and at the end pulled me aside. "I'd like to book you to photograph my family please". It's always slightly terrifying photographing...

I don’t want to sound corny but…

I know a place. A place that is simply perfect for a family session in the summer. In fact I know lots of places but this is one of my favourites. Corn - lots of it. Kids love it and if you time it right (at about 9pm in the summer) the light is perfect. I did this...

dream with me

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At Sarah J. Evans Photography, I create emotive and authentic family photography with just a hint little of magic. Based in my dedicated studio in Cowbridge in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan, I photograph families throughout South Wales including Cardiff, Swansea, Penarth, Cowbridge & Bridgend. I also photograph throughout the rest of the UK and also internationally.



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