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Sometimes it’s just not possible to squeeze in a newborn photography session however much you want it. Life is pretty hectic as a new parent and sometimes you just miss the window of opportunity. Don’t beat yourself up, there are other options – trust me, they’re just a bit different.

As baby get’s older it just isn’t possible to get them into those curly poses. They stretch out and find their space, they don’t sleep so often, they’re just … well … bigger. But with this development comes personality, smiles and giggles.

I’m a big fan of bedrooms for this type of session and I use them a lot. Typically a parent’s bedroom is neutrally decorated and bright. The addition of crisp white bedding basically acts a s a huge soft box, bouncing a beautiful diffused light around the room. It’s warm and cosy and it smells of familiarity for the little one. Tick, tick, tick.

When ever I suggest this option to my customers they often freak out, “But it’s a bit messy”. Um, yeah. You’ve just had a baby. If it was super tidy I’d wonder why (my house is constantly messy and my youngest is eight – it doesn’t get easier)! We’ll just move a few bits out of the way and we’ll be good to go. It really doesn’t matter one bit – trust me.

This is a perfect example of such a session. A smilier baby I have never met and THOSE EYES! they dig deep down into your soul.

Cardiff Baby and Family Photographer
Cardiff Baby and Family Photographer
Cardiff Baby and Family Photographer
We were lucky enough to be able to venture from inside to out. It was mild enough to be able to pop out to a local park at the end of the session too for some family shots. I love these images and to say Dad was a bit smitten was an understatement. I can see why though, just look at that cheeky face!
Cardiff Baby and Family Photographer
Cardiff Baby and Family Photographer

Thanks guys for letting me meet your beautiful family. Can’t wait to see how she grows. Proper little angel that’s for sure.
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