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One of the most frequently asked questions I have is about products. The beautiful things you can purchase after your session to really showcase your favourite shots. I thought this would make a great topic for a few blog posts as it’s always better to show you examples and a nice opportunity for me to photograph pretty things!

It can be a bit overwhelming when you are deciding on your favourite images. So many options to choose from! You may decide on something bespoke for your wall such as a stunning frame or canvas collection. These are things that can be a real talking point; a real statement for your home. They’ve got to be SPOT ON which is why I always advise that I pop around with a tape measure, my samples, a note book and my trusty iPad so I can actually design your display and show you what your image will look like on your wall before you make any decisions. Yep, it is clever. I’ve got an app for that!

What happens if you can’t decide? You love them all and you can’t narrow them down (however tough I am on you – and I can be ruthless when it comes to narrowing down your images). This happens A LOT. You may want to keep all of the images for your family archives. You may want the flexibility to rotate which images you display year after year. You might see the benefit of being able to share the images with your family. You might even be moving house and have no idea what sort of wall space you have (strangely I get this loads!). Or all of the above.

In this case my Platinum Digital Collection is a popular answer. All of your edited images as digital files to keep forever.

Cowbridge Family Photographer

My Platinum Digital Collection includes the following (from 1st June 2016):

  • Every edited image from your session gallery in high resolution digital format available to immediately download to your computer.
  • A set of web ready images perfect for sharing on social media should you wish to.
  • A beautiful wooden display box containing a wooden USB stick (with all of your images on) and a set of professionally printed 6″ x 4″ prints.
  • A personalised smart phone app containing all of your images (just so you can show your kids off and why not?). You can download a trial version if you’d like to have a sneaky peek!

Digital files are becoming increasingly more popular but there is something very special about a tangible product. Something you can keep on the shelf. Something you can touch, hand around, pass on.

To read more about my presentation packages and a la carte menu just click here.

Cowbridge Family Photographer

Cowbridge Family Photographer

So, this is the lot, the whole kit and caboodle. Everything I have created for you presented with love. And it’s dead pretty too.

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