Planning Your Perfect Bluebell Photoshoot

At certain times of the year a little bit of magic happens when nature generously gives me the most beautiful settings for photo shoots. Bluebell season is one of these little pockets of magic. Bluebell sessions are always hugely popular so I thought I’d put together a guide to planning your perfect bluebell photoshoot because there are a few things you really must consider before booking. Let me tell you more …

planning your perfect bluebell photoshoot

Bluebells are unpredictable little things. They bloom at different times every year and are at their best for only about 2 to 3 weeks. Bloom time has a lot to do with the weather and each year I enter ‘bluebell watch mode’ so I know just the right time and just the right location. The best time is usually late April to early May but the way our weather has been going so far this year it’s likely to be A LOT earlier in 2016 (next week anyone???!). This unpredictability makes it pretty hard to book people in for certain times in advance. if you are interested in a session in the bluebells then I will have to ask you to be a little flexible around dates and timing if possible.

My favourite location is a small wood in Cardiff but there are some things to consider. The bluebell area is set on a slight slope and the flowers can be damp and slippy. I advise everyone who is coming to wear sensible shoes, boots or wellies. It can also get a bit chilly as we are under the canopy of trees. be sure to bing something warm to wrap up in should you need to.

What to Wear
Whilst we’re on the subject let’s talk about clothing choices. These sessions are always popular with little girls but they are equally brilliant for boys and families. With little girls I always suggest bringing a few outfit changes. Pretty dresses always work brilliantly – a bit of sparkle and a nice swooshy skirt always work (much twirling will happen). Footwear needs to be sensible but don’t worry you won’t see the shoes and some girls are happy to whip off their shoes for a bit. Dresses are typically not designed for the cold so we’ll work fast and wrap then up warm as soon as possible. Alternatively you could add a nice fur wrap (see above) which looks great. I have a few (as well as other accessories) which I will bring along.

planning your perfect bluebell photoshoot 1

The other way to go is a nice welly and tutu combination (always a winner) or something with a strong colour – a contrasting colour is great like red or a nice mustard (imagine a fabulous coat in a strong colour – fabulous!).
Planning your perfect bluebell photoshoot
Planning your perfect bluebell photoshoot
For the little men in your life then why not go for chunky jumpers and jeans with contrasting scarf or if you want something super quirky what about braces and a flat cap for that country gent look. I have some great boy’s accessories and am happy to bring them along and offer styling advice.

Little Ones
I always suggest that it’s best that your really little ones can comfortably sit up for one of these sessions. The floor will be damp but I always bring waterproof backed blankets for them to sit on so they are comfortable. Little one’s love nothing better than playing with the flowers but I always have mum or dad on hand to make sure they don’t devour the whole forest as most things tend to go in the mouth at this age!!

Planning your perfect bluebell photoshoot

An on location shoot usually lasts about one to one and a half hours and following your shoot you will be presented with a gallery of around 20 to 30 fully edited images to choose from. Historically my customers tend opt for something beautiful for the wall but you could also opt for a digital file package if you’d rather – it’s up to you. You can find out much more about my presentation packages by clicking here.

Planning your perfect bluebell photoshoot

I have already started a list of people interested in 2016 bluebell sessions and if you’d like to register your interest in this pretty magical backdrop then just click below and I’ll keep you updated as my bluebell watch progresses.


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