Hello. Croeso. Welcome.


I’m Sarah and I am a specialist children’s portrait photographer living and working in Wales.

I’ve photographed countless children since I started on this journey and I’m proud to have watched many families grow over the years. I’ve taught workshops, photographed around the world, had a few magazine covers and even photographed the odd celeb. I’ve also been covered in mud, cow and baby poo, fallen into the sea, rivers and on my face countless times – all in the quest for the perfect shot. It’s not all rock and roll you know!





For me photography is about CAPTURING TIME. We get about 3650 days of childhood. That’s what we get and it flies by (trust me my eldest recently turned 18 and I had a little weep!). 3650 days of believing in magic, leaving a mince pie out for Santa, believing in fairies and dragons, playing make believe & dressing up. Children grow. They change. However much we fight it, it’s going to happen. It’s my job to record these special moments and little personalities for you with beautiful photography. Images you love so much that that you hang on the wall with pride.

That’s why I do what I love.

Booking the right photographer can be a hard decision to make, I totally get it. You’re putting a lot of trust in whoever you choose so here’s 5 things you need to know about me up front…




  IT’S MY SUPERPOWER. I have an in depth knowledge of Minecraft and know what the fairies have for tea.  

I have the patience of a saint

  Honestly. Trust me. I’ve totally got this.  

I'm a kid at heart

  Every session should be fun. Fun is infectious and it shows in the camera.  

I'm obsessed with details

I get kicks from stopping the petrol pump on a round number, love the challenge of motorway chevrons and am a lover of lists. Lots of lists!  

I hate being photographed

I get it. Most mums do and when they ‘have’ to be in the shot they hide behind their kids. I empathise and I pinky promise to be gentle with you.  

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