Yellow – South Wales Natural Child Photography

Let’s talk themes.

I always love it when a customer suggests a theme for their photoshoot. It could be a location with meaning, a favourite hobby or something their child loves. In the past I’ve had a little boy who loved tractors (we ended up on a farm!), A little girl with a passion for horses (I carried/dragged my beautiful wooden hose into a field), boys who loved books (we had a picnic in a field with a huge pile of ladybird books). The list goes on but you get the general idea. A theme can gel the session together and provide a great distraction for the children. It’s just plain fun!

But a theme doesn’t have to be specific. You don’t need lots of props. This little one had a favourite colour (bet you can’t guess what it was!). Her room was yellow, her favourite toys were yellow, her dresses were yellow. Mum wanted an image for her wall to match. I was happy to oblige.

Most of the props stayed in the box. The light said it all.
south wales natural child photography
south wales natural child photography 3

south wales natural child photography

As the sun went down the light became richer and more golden, more atmospheric.

south wales natural child photography 2

So what would be your theme? What does your little one love? What story would your portraits tell?

I’m now booking for Autumnal sessions. My wellies have been dusted off and I’m ready to get ‘down and dirty’ in the leaves (I lie on the ground quite often to shoot!). If you are interested in a session in the golden leaves then click here to check out my latest availability.

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