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I’ve been a child photographer for 8 years. People often comment on my patience and ability to engage with children. I’m a kid person and it’s fun. But do you know what I find tough? Photographing my own kids. I’ve made a conscious decision not to fill my portfolio with pictures of my own family and friends. After all is that a fair reflection of what you can offer your customers? But sometimes I get the bug; when the light is just right and I have to get out with my camera.

Much bribery and negotiation took place before the shoot (I had to shell out £7 and promise to fire up the BBQ when we got back!). He said he wanted to do something fun like climb a tree or look for sticks rather than what he calls one of my ‘overpowering’ images (basically posing with a hat – I’ve got him with that one before). We compromised.

We’d visited this location the day before for a big long walk with the dog and indulged in a big fat ice cream as a reward for our efforts. I spotted this stream during our travels and it brought back so many memories of my own childhood. I have fond memories of sunny Sunday afternoons on my bike with my Dad when I was about 8. Jam jar balanced on my handle bars and a net over my shoulder hunting for the perfect stream to fish for Sticklebacks. Those rivers are long gone but the memory lives on.

Cowbridge Child Photographer

Photographing your own kids can be tough for so many reasons. For me it’s the fact that it’s mummy’s job. For many other’s it can be the fact that we make such a big deal of it and unintentionally put pressure on our little one’s to perform. Sometimes it’s best to leave them to play at something fun so they almost forget that you are there. Whether it’s a big pile of Lego or a stream with a stick. Distraction is very often the key to natural expressions and photographs that reflect who your child really is and avoiding the dreaded ‘cheese’ smile. You can get lots of other hints and tips about taking better pictures of your children in my free e-book, Capturing Everyday. If you’d like a copy then just click here and I’ll send you a link to download you very own copy.

Cowbridge Child Photographer

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