Boys Will Be Boys – Bridgend Child Photographer

I have been itching to share this session for quite some time. It was crazy and chaotic but that’s just brilliant sometimes. It shows it was a good honest session and that the kids were relaxed and felt comfortable to be themselves.

It didn’t start well however.

Mum was really keen on doing the shoot in the beautiful field of corn just above my home. I had shot there all through the summer (it was fab!) so “No problem” says I. About an hour before the session I was sat on my sofa having a well deserved cuppa. The windows were open and the gentle last summer breeze was drifting through the house. The breeze carried a sound. A gentle hum. I sat for a while listening. “That sounds like a combine harvest-ahhhhhhhhh!”. I ran like a crazy woman to find that yes, indeed a massive beast of a machine was mowing up my favourite location just minutes before my models were due to arrive. PANIC TIME. I had to find another location and FAST. Not the most relaxing way to start a session but the resulting ‘Emergency Field’ as it has become affectionally named was a corker.

I photograph a lot of girls so it’s always a refreshing change to photograph boys. I have 3 boys at home so I am well versed in the way of the boy. Sticks, dirt, swords, Minecraft, mud pies and climbing trees – I love it. These two little munchkins were all over it and loved my props so much that they wanted to take them home (and me with them! xx). We chatted (boy could they talk) and played, they set up imaginary battles (Mum and Dad were France apparently) and they talked some more.

All a bit exhausting really but a whole heap of fun. The ‘Emergency Field’ sure came up trumps. Thank my lucky stars. xxx

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