Rainy Day – Cowbridge Child and Family Photographer

As an on location child photographer one of the biggest challenges is always going to be the weather. I am obsessive about the forecast in true British fashion. However there is a very common misconception when it comes to picking the best time for a photoshoot and it’s always demonstrated by my phone and email activity as soon as we get a bout of sunny weather – it goes mental!

But. And it’s a big but. A bright sunny day is not always the best option when you are choosing the right time for a shoot. Unless you (and your kids) are happy to do an early morning or late evening session in the summer months then it’s better to think outside the box. Bright mid day sun is not good. Imaging bright light shining directly from above casting harsh shadows and making your kids squint. Not necessarily a good look and certainly not the perfect setting for beautiful images. Slightly overcast days are always best – especially with little ones. It’s true.

I’ve picked this session as a perfect example. It was raining. Horrible drizzly rain that soaks you trough. It rained then it stopped then it rained again. If you look closely you can see droplets in her hair and on the leaves of the trees. When it rained we took shelter. When it stopped we started again. It was a game. But when the rain stopped the light was magical and the colours more saturated. It didn’t bother her. I’m pretty sure the expressions on her face say it all.

Rainy Day - Cowbridge Child and Family Photographer
Rainy Day - Cowbridge Child and Family Photographer
When it got too bad outside we did some shots inside whilst we waited for the clouds to pass. Then the late afternoon sun peeked through the clouds and we had a proper giggle as I rolled around in the wet grass. Happy to amuse as always.

Rainy Day - Cowbridge Child and Family Photographer
Rainy Day - Cowbridge Child and Family Photographer

So the moral of my story?
Don’t be put off by a shoot in the Winter or Spring. I’m used to dealing with icky weather, making sure everyone has a good time and getting some beautiful shots none the less. It’s my job and I love a challenge.

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